Dior lip maximizer review

What is it for?

It is top coat collagen and marine-based designed to smooth and moisturize the appearance of the lips, leaving them gorgeous and voluptuous.  Dior Lip Maximizer

Recommended Usage

Hydrate your lips before applying your lip stick, what ever lipstick you use. Then touch (do not drag) over the coloured lips with the Dior lip maximizer touch applyDior lip maximiser. Touch as many times as needed even out bounding the lips to achieve a better definition thanks to the action of the collagen.

My Experience

From my opinion, it is the best gloss I have ever tried. The effect on any colour is fantastic, as I said, a perfect gloss. No oily or sticky, just shine. it also helps to make the lipstick color last few more hours. But…we bought it not only shining, for maximize the lips (whatever does it mean).  The hydration and reconstruction of damaged lips is actually unique, I don’t know any other product to achieve same results (suggestions more that wellcome) but it is  not a miracle. The product is suppose to be designed to glow volume…and whether if it happened or not…I didn’t notice it. In summary it is 2 in 1 product: shine and good hydration.Dior lip mazimizer results

Is it worthy the price?

I will be politic here. The cost is around 40$ and it is a great cosmetic, I notice an improvement in my lips, but I notice more when I give up using it and came back after few weeks. So, yes, it works. I would say it is more remarkable the gloss effect on the color, it is actually a very good gloss. Worthy the price…your choice, for me...I would repeat? yes, but I wouldn’t make it one of my essentials. It is very expensive, I expected more when I bought it on the first place.

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