Golden Globes 2015: my personal best dressed list

The magic of the 21st century: social media making the whole world part of the most glamorous events of the year: the red carpet arriving to the 72t Golden Globes Awards Ceremony. Few hours later the best and worst dressed lists are all around the media.

From my yesterday article, you can read between the lines I don’t fully agree with the frivolity that lead to bi differentiation between good and bad dresses. Design is not a science, is perception, is personal opinion and choices, and of course it is never God word…Color combinations is the unique aspect of fashion that can be scientific analyzed (hey, here I have another post idea). As far as I know, beauty is a subjective perception of the sthehics, therefore not god and bad lists should never exits. Besides, creating groups (good and bad designs in this case) and engaging people to position themselves inside,  ANULA people self thinking. It was called alienation by the 18th century existentialist (hey! another idea for and article, god this inspired me)

I don’t like people to do or, what is even worse, think what others tell them to think; I like people taking decisions based on their ideas, on their preferences and acting accordingly. If you are reading this article, I encourage you to search on google, twitter, Facebook or instagram the pictures of golden globe arriving and make your statement, pay attention to those actresses that take your attention, don’t even think about what you have already seen, or what is fashion in these days. If it makes you look at a certain picture among massive set of pictures, it means something for you, pick those outfits and create YOUR LIST.

Based on my foundations, I run exposed exercise and these are my favourites from yesterday Golden Globes Gala arriving. Not mention the best, and it doest mean the other are bad, it is just my opinion. what is yours?

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