Brunch home made, starting from the drinks

From plain orange juice to sophisticated mimosa

Happy new year to everyone!

I hope all of you had a beautiful evening and even better party. Any that you are not in a hurry during the morning, is perfect for a full brunch. I love the brunch, and If I would have to argument that, I would probably say that is because breakfast is, by far, my favourite meal every day for many reasons. It is the moment that I am more hungry, it’s been many hours since the dinner, so I really want to eat. You can mix sweet with fruits, yogurt, cheese, bread…and I can say those I my favourites foods, besides I am a morning person so I really enjoy the breakfast time in family. All that together I think are the reasons why I love brunch, because they are the magnification of the average breakfast, fruits, eggs, multiple kinds of bread and of course tones of sweets. All in all with time to enjoy and the relaxing chill mood that there is no way that you can get in a lunch or even a dinner. There are people that love to have the brunch outside, I can respect that I have done that multiple times, I will share my favourite places actually, but I kept for the end my favourite part of the brunch: have it in pijama.

So, I guess you are all salivating and mentally listing all you will cook next festive day for brunch, I will go for listing my favourite meals and recipes for home made brunch. In today’s post we will cover only the drinks, so you we will want more and you will read the rest of the posts 🙂

Any brunch can exists without drinks, from natural squeeze fruit juice, until sophisticated cocktails. I have to confess I am not a morning alcohol person, so in my case,brunch drinks are always juice. Here you have my list of favourites:

Squeezed juice

Is there any better way to start a brunch?

Plain and simple fresh oranges squeezed. All budget, kitchen and cooking skills allowed. Easy to make, tasty and refreshing, besides powerful mixers aren’t needed, it is enough with a simple manual vintage squeezer . Orange juice is always my first choice, because everyone have oranges at home so you don’t need to plan in advance a complex shopping list to enjoy it.

As a suggestion, compliment the drink simplicity with a beautiful, and, why not, pretentious presentation.  Serve it in a champaign or cocktail glass, add some read fruits floating in it 2 pieces is perfect, one looks so sad and more than 2 can be invasive. In my case, I add 2 slices of strawberries, but this is the funny part, you can add or serve it as you prefer.


orange juice with strawberry slices

Manual squeezed orange juice with strawberry slices


Any kind of fresh fruit smoothies for drink are perfect for any kind of brunch

If you are a foodie and experienced cooker, most likely you are very well equipped with an electronic mixer. If that is the case, there is an endless list of smoothies and fresh fruit squeeze you can actually prepare for embrace all the host of your brunch.  The choice will only be driven by the food you have in your freeze.  In this post from averiecooks you can follow step by step recipes to perfectly match any kind of fruits. Banana and strawberry,  coconut, peach… Since we are in new years even recovery and detox brunch, my personal suggestion is consider pineapple as main ingredient since it is the most tasty detox fruit.

pineapple and coconut milk smoothy

Pineapple and coconut milk smoothy


Add the hot detail to your brunch with and alcoholic drink: the brunch mimosa

Last but not least, the official drink in any well deserved brunch is the mimosa cocktail, I must confess that, even though has some alcohol in it, is perfectly works with any brunch mood. There are multiple versions of that cocktail and of course, you can make your own, the unique must is keeping the citric taste. Remember that brunch is a kind of a breakfast in the sense of the first meal you will be getting during the day, and our deep internal brain connections better like acid over too sweet for drink during breakfast so take mandarine ice cream or frozen mandarines meshed with coconut milk.

In my case I always keep frozen fruit in the freeze, so I would go for the frozen fruits and coconut milk option, do not forget to add some frozen strawberries to get the perfect cocktail taste. Once the ice cream is done, there are many multiple ways to add some alcohol, you can choose either champaign to compensate the sweet side of the fruit with some strong dry accent, or either enhance the fruit sweets aroma with any kind of sweet wine. In my case, I prefer champaign and in case any one doesn’t like alcohol, I like to serve it separately, a glass with one ice cream mixture ball and at the time of consume it, spill some champaign on it. The alcohol will slowly melt the ice-cream and you guest will do the rest with the spoon or a swizzle stick.


Mandarine and strawberry mimosa cocktail for brunch

Mimosa cocktail from brunch

These are all my favourite drinks in a brunch, remember that any day is a wonderful day, and that a weekend is not a weekend with a brunch.

Be happy, enjoy life and keep reading me.



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