Trends evolution in fashion: 2015 the inflexion point

Yearly, in January and February, world wide fashion weeks announce what we will be wearing the year after. We pick some ideas, but before investing money in refreshing our closet, we wait for the confirmation. Someone has to say it: fashion week catwalks sometimes are unwereable for common people living common lives. But for some people, trend hunter and trend setters, just under those few inputs are capable to foresee how the trend confirmation will be, or how that pant is going to be matched. For the rest of the humans beings, It is a year after, when during the january awards ceremonies (cinema, tv, music…), together with the fashion weeks front row attendees outfits, the confirmation of what is going to be trendy arrives.

In fashion, evolution tends to be smooth, from example, at the beginning of the 2000, pants started to get narrow from elephant leg to the super strecht size they are today. It has been gradually, even though the concept skinny existed already, they were the few. Today skinny is not enough tight at the ankles to make the perfect match with the sleepers and the platforms.

In some cases, when the change is so abrupt, even though the new designs are everywhere, it take some time to normal street people to get use to that. One example of abrupt change is the lady style. Last year, in common daily shops like zara, h&m, mago, gant or banana republic…all skirts were mini and tight, dress were tank and over sized, no waist signal anywhere…but we could get some fait insights from magazines and tv that, at some point, we were going to be back the midi size and that our waist was going to be structured again. Shopping this year, it is very difficult to find any bottom over the knee. This is an example of disruptive change, when all your wardrobe becomes out to date in only one season.

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Looking at the current trends, my forecast for upcoming seasons is: slowly letting behind the casual, fun, sexy message it used to have in the last 5 years, to define  40´s and 50’s elegancy and sophistication. The clear signal is the already official lady style, it has been an abrupt specific style changed required to change the overall fashion direction.  It is being easily accepted because outfits are harmonic, enhance women natura shape, but also are elegant, and therefore make us fell better. It is beautiful, structured, colors are not so bright, we were some how slightly anxious to dress more sophisticated. In other words, it has many insights to become a success.

Every new trend has good and not so god points. Starting with the negative, lady style has embedded poison: for normal people, all your wardrobe needs to be updated, which requires a  big investment. Any item not matching the lady style foundations, will look out of date. On the bright side, for office outfits, the availability and the possibilities will become infinity! In any mid range price outlet professional and elegant workwear will be the product mainstream.

As I see the season, oversized will slowly disappear, blouses requires buttons up to the neck level. Any mini bottom is replaced by midi, tank is replaced by structured and peptulm. Funny touches come form prints, not from fluor anymore, and black white “red” (is not red anymore, is a more sophisticated marsala) are a must for any outfit. Suits are back, we hope that not all of them and for everything. All shoes has something from the smart point of view: flats are more stylish than ever, pumps are stilettos and platforms are allowed only with a high heel.

In short, 2015 is the inflexion year for fashion evolution: from casual to elegancy as it is uderstood from the classic style supporters. Ladies are dressed up under modest and grace colors, our waist, is our new friend and don’t be ashamed of wearing a suit, they are back and they will stay.


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