Convert your performance evaluation in a Christmas Present and New Year Resolutions

Good morning everyone and of course, happy new year.

Social media, Tv, newspapers, your friends, your family even every app in your phone is wishing you the best for the new year. Is January 1st, Christmas break is about finishing, we have a long list of objectives for 2015, and of course, tomorrow we will be on diet and running at 6 a.m.

Does it sound familiar to any of o you?

The work performance evaluation: it never goes wrong

From the work perspective, there is also a very important milestone in this year time period: the performance evaluation and, if we are lucky, the bonus. We will focus on the bonus later, let’s take first the performance evaluation. The performance evaluation happens usually few days before the Christmas break, which can’t never go wrong. Yes, read it twice if you want, but I said, can’t never go wrong.

Before you stop reading because you are thinking I live in a fantasy world were companies gives always good performance evaluations, managers are the beyond kind and bonus always is twice you monthly pay check, give me a chance. The conversation starts very kind with your manager, “How are you? Any Special plan for the vacations? oh no, just family yo know, rest after this stressful work I have…Yes of course, you deserve a fresh start on January…” Let’s leave it here, we all know the kind of hypocrite stablished quotes world wide shared and known to overcome uncomfortable situations like this one. About that, all humans are the same. So, after the warmup courtesy touch, your manager goes to the point and communicates you how well/not that well (remember manager tutorial says they can never say bad, just not that well) your year has  been in terms of work.

Listening to your performance results


Two things can happen here, the bright side, it goes ok, and by ok I mean that the message you are getting sounds fair enough for you. The company is recognising as meaningfull a significative part of the points you considered strong. It gives you implicit recognition and aliment with your boss, which is the baseline to keep trust each other. The basic consequence is that your motivation grows and you go for vacation with the craving to start on January conquering the world (well, may be just your department).

On the dark side, it can go no-ok, which means, not fair for you because there is a clear misalignment between what you consider you have done, and what your boss is telling you that the company is perceiving you have done. Unless you are a feelingless psychopath, you will feel extremely fourious because of the frustration caused by the difference between your expectations and what you are getting. From that point, you and your boss break up, the trust is lost and you go for vacations thinking about changing job, angry with anyone in your office and your family will be the ones paying the bill.

Setting up your New Year Resolutions

Remember I mentioned you had to give me the chance to argue why the performance conversation just before Christmas break is great despite how good/not that good it goes. Lets analyse previous situations. In the case that it is a good performance, you will have self-assesment mood during your vacations. You will be sure that you are good at whatever you are doing, and that your company agrees you as well. It is the perfect moment to be setup your career goals. Dedicate one day on your vacations under the “will to win” mood to think where you are right now in your career, what are the strengths that have bring you to that fantastic performance and dream where your would like to be. Then set up the new goals to pursue your dream. Back in the office in January, start working towards your new future.

In the case your conversation was not that good, Christmas break is the best thing can ever happen to you. The mix of frustration, disappointment and even betray feelings that controls you after the performance evaluation are your enemies towards redirecting your life. Any decision that you might take under that conditions would be probably incorrect. During Christmas break, focus your mind on your family, on food, wine, gifts, songs and enjoy that part of you life, and before going to the office, with a clear mindset, dedicate two days to be critic with your self. Take the comments from the conversation, go one by one and try to find reasons why anyone might be perceiving that form you. Work hard on finding the root cause of the misalignment between your and your company perception about your work. I have a clear message here, if you don’t like something in a situation, you cannot expect anyone else to change, you can just change something to change a disgusting situation for you. So, be critic and don’t be afraid to figure out conclusion. We can approach the solution from two different perspectives: you realise you were actually doing something under the company expectations, so you have the great chance to redirect your actions in the new year or even change job because during your analysis you find out that you are not as good as others just because your strengths are not shining in that job. having a clear path on mind in January will give you the “will to win” that you need to approach the new year to redirect your work life, to whatever the path you decide it will be.

Remember that not matter how your performance conversation goes, Christmas break is the perfect time to analyse what happened, answer to your self why it happened and determine where you want to be in a year and therefore, how you want achieve that state.

Build up your own Christmas present

After the self analysis, even psychoanalysis you have run during your vacations, you have given to you the best present you ever had: maturity. If you have succeed in the process of figuring out and deducting what has make you succeed or fail, and you have a clear view of you in your career for the next year, you are more mature that two days before, you know yourself better and you are prepared to do not repeat same mistakes twice, and to determine your steps towards whatever you have decided that is important to you.

Going back to material, because do not cheat ourselves, we also like material gifts, lets talk about the bonus. The Bonus is the extra money we get because of our outstanding contributions to the company. Of course the good angel we have in our right shoulder is telling us “save it” you will need it for something important in the future. Your evil avatar on your left shoulder is telling you “waste it” you deserve it.

So, because this blog is about fashion at 30’s, below you will find my proposal to approach your new year resolution at the office with a fresh mood, no matter what have been your checklist. I am pretty sure that any of these designs will help you to cross the office door on Monday with renew strength and confidence.


You have a bonus, don’t be evil, don’t be angel, just stack in the middle, in the fun, spend, better, invest, a fraction of your bonus in a valuable asset, like a classic designer handbag that will last many years. Put inside an agenda with your new year resolution to continue your career next year, and wrap it with your brand new self-knowledge and maturity to overcome the new year we are today approaching.


Marc Jacobs

REED Krakoff



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